Large Rare Earth Magnets, Amazing Applications

Large Rare Earth Magnets, Amazing Applications That Also Save Lives

Neodymium magnets are becoming an increasingly popular type of large rare earth magnet. They are a considered a permanent magnet, meaning it is one which maintains it strength for the longest measurable interval.

Neodymium magnets 

currently hold the title of being the strongest type of large rare earth magnets known to mankind. Samarium cobalt magnets have also been documented as the first known type of large rare earth magnets to be adapted to commercial uses.

Because of their powerful and permanent properties, large rare earth magnets, with the proper alloy composition, can be used successfully in the manufacturing industry. Most noted in the manufacturing applications of large rare earth magnets is GMs use of large rare earth magnets that began as early as 1982.

The company, expanding its development of large rare earth magnets for industrial applications, invented several products including, bonded Neo magnets and isotropic Neo power, in addition to others. The end result was a new company known as Neo Materials Technology Inc.

It is interesting to note that more than 48,000 tons of sintered neodymium magnets are manufactured each year. The largest manufacturing companies of large rare earth magnets are located in China and Japan.

Neodymium magnets

are actually fabricated as a bonded magnet to give it more permanence against deterioration. Thousands of these magnets are produced annually and used in many applications. The largest and most profitable applications for these popular rare earth magnets are:

1. Powder metallurgy, also referred to as sintered magnet process.
2. Rapid solidification, also knows as bonded magnet process.

Additionally, Magcraft NSN0604 1-Inch by 1/8-Inch Rare Earth Disc Magnets as well as the Magnet Balls Magnetic Ball Puzzle by Magnetballs are just two examples of popular toys and games made with large rare earth magnets. Millions are sold annually throughout the world.

The scientific names by which the Neodymium magnet is known are Neo, NdFeB and NIB. The origins of this large rare earth magnet are traced back to its discovery in the 1980s and it is categorized as a permanent element. Neodymium is documented to be the strongest magnet every created and is an alloy comprised of iron, boron and neodymium.

Getting back to the previously mentioned Samarium cobalt magnet, there is much to learn about this rare earth magnet as well. This is also a permanent magnet and is comprised of the alloy of cobalt and Samarium. It is important to  note this is a costlier magnet than the Neodymium magnet and is not a strong. However, due to the ability to withstand higher temperatures the Samarium cobalt has a different set of applications than the Neodymium magnet.

For example, Samarium cobalt magnets are part of the manufacturing process for high speed motors and turbo machinery. They are also used in the design of traveling wave tubes.

The bottom line is that rare earth magnets are much more than just interesting and amazing materials that can become part of a cherished musical instrument or a child’s favorite toy. Neodymium and Samarium-cobalt magnets are vital part of the world economy and support the treatment and cure of some of the deadliest cancers known to mankind.

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