Rare Earth Magnets, Small In Name Only

Small Rare Earth Magnets, Small In Name Only

Small rare earth magnets are definitely the most sought after magnet

Rare Earth Magnets, Small In Name Only
Rare Earth Magnets, Small In Name Only

of any other type. Their size makes them a perfect match for hobbyist and crafters in addition to anyone who must work with small or medium sized equipment. A good example is a mechanic who may work in tight spaces and have to retrieve a small metal

Rare Earth Magnets, Small In Name Only
Rare Earth Magnets, Small In Name Only

item. Small rare earth magnets make a perfect must have addition to thousands of tool kits around the globe.

Another application for small rare earth magnets has caught on for the growing community of people interested in natural health and healing alternatives. Any Google search for magnetic therapy or healing will most likely find tons of references to small rare earth magnets. Naturally, when the discussion moves to magnets, there are dozens of different sizes, weights and shapes. It is important to know that rare earth magnets are used in literally thousands of applications. Many manufacturing applications ranging from the music industry to such items as TVs and stereo equipment would be powerless without the use of small rare earth magnets.

When discussing the use of rare earth magnets in the context of magnetic therapy or healing, the type of magnet becomes an integral part of the discussion. When the alternative health, non medical movement began to gain momentum in the late 1960s, the initial magnets of choice were ferrite magnets, which are referred to as ceramic magnets. These magnets were made from strontium carbonate and iron oxide and the costs were low. The magnetic fields were also low, especially when compared with rare earth magnets; however their usage was common in the early years as the interest in magnetic healing began to take hold.

Magnets used for these healing therapy purposes were not ingested or otherwise taken internally. They were most often purchased as a bandanna or bracelet or sewn by hand into therapy wraps, straps, bedding and even inserted into shoe insoles. The flexible types of items were made by using a plasticized rubber material that was mixed with very small ferrite magnets.

This material was then fabricated into anklets, wrist bands and necklaces made with ferrite enhanced beads. As time has passed, Neodymium magnets, a rare earth magnet, has become very popular. Neodymium is also known by its scientific name of NdFeB and also NIB. This recognizes the elemental compounds of iron and boron and Neodymium that are the elements give the name Neodymium to this popular magnet. With a strength level rated as being ten times stronger than ceramic magnets and having a natural resistance to demagnetization,

Small rare earth magnets are making friends in the natural health and healing community. They are small in size and have been successfully coated with an epoxy covering to increase their ability to resist corrosion.
It is because of their power and their small size and light weight that Neodymium magnets are popular for use in jewelry and other items worn close to the body for health and healing purposes.

With sizes ranging from as small as .2mm X .2mm a good quality magnetic therapy item like straps and bands and even bedding items are being made with inserts of small rare earth magnets. Here are a couple of magnetic therapy items that illustrate the range of products currently on the market.

  • A full body magnetic therapy set consisting of eight pieces. 
  • Magnetic foam insoles presented 

The overwhelming feedback from those who are using small rare earth magnets as inserts in health and personal care items, is positive and interesting. The fact that small rare earth magnets reportedly retain their magnetism for more than ten years makes them economically practical for many purposes.

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